How to Use Google Search Console

Published on 11 Dec 20223 min readCodesGround

Acording to CodesGround - Google Search Console is a collection of tools and reports that allow webmasters to monitor, manage, and improve their websites. It is a web service provided by Google free of charge, that gives you information about your website and the people who visit it.


Setting Up Google Search Console in 5 Steps:-


1. Sign In to Your Google Account

Make sure you are signed in to your Google account. If you have separate business and personal account, make sure you use the Google account you want associated with your website


2. Open Google Search Console

       Go to Google Search Console and hit “Start now”:


3. Add New Website to Google Search Console

If this is the first website you have set up in Google Search Console, you should see this welcome message 

Or, in the dropdown, click “+ Add property”


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4. Add Your Domain

As your property type, choose Domain and then enter the URL of your site. Just make sure to use the exact URL. Once you’ve done that, hit continue.



5. Verify Your Account

Now you need to verify your website. Copy the Google Search Console tokenized DNS TXT record and add it to your domain name provider to verify domain ownership.


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