What is E2E Bussiness

Published on 10 Dec 20223 min readCodesGround

CodesGround is Explaining about E2E Business 

Exchange to exchange (E2E), in the context of IT, is the interaction between websites and the businesses that operate them. Certain kinds of transactions called "exchanges" between websites constitute what IT professionals could call an "exchange to exchange" operation.


Each E2E partner system has a primary function to its own clients of allowing them to transfer information or conduct other transactions, This is a form of the business to business (B2B) commerce model, as each E2E partner is a B2B gateway for its clients, and in turn exchanges information with at least one other B2B gateway. The connection between the two B2B systems (exchanges) is then an exchange to exchange integration.

E2E is an alternative to direct application to application integration (A2A), though some A2A can be classified as E2E.